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Educational Visits

The Museum welcomes educational visits from schools and colleges throughout the Sunshine Coast. We offer students and teachers a wonderful opportunity to explore as a group the exciting reminders of the past lifestyles and technologies. Visits always invoke a combination of fun learning and thought provoking insights into history and heritage values.

School visits can be organised on any weekday to suit curriculum requirements. Telephone : 54412779 (John Freiberg)

Group Visits

A great way for older citizens to enjoy a visit to the Museum is as part of a group. Group visits have proven popular with residents of retirement villages, nursing homes, social and business clubs. Remembering and sharing life’s experiences is much more rewarding with the assistance of friends and colleagues. Often, the experience assists in documenting those important historical moments and events.

Group visits can be organised for any day to suit travel and other plans.
Telephone : 54412779 (John Freiberg)

Special Events in 2019

Connecting People, Places and The Past . . . . with COLLECTIONS

                         Open Day : Saturday 4th May <> 10am to 3pm

During the months of April, May and June, the Museum will be showcasing amazing collections including a few privately owned contributions intended to highlight the Museum's role in "connecting people, places and the past". This activity aligns with the broader Australian Heritage Festival running nationally between 18 April and 19 May.

Nambour's showcase will be launched on Saturday 4th May with a special Open Day at the Museum which will operate from 10am to 3pm.

The displays will also be accessible to the general public during normal opening hours until the end of June.     

HMAS Tobruk and the Rats of Tobruk : Opening of New Military Display
                   General Public Welcome <> Saturday 29th June from 1pm

This unique military display will hold very special significance for many Veterans and their families now and well into the future. The display will further enhance the status of the Nambour Museum's military collections and appeal to visitors far and wide. Come along from 1pm on Saturday 29th June to not only learn more about topic but perhaps meet some of the Veterans and their families. While you're there, take time to check out some of the many other interesting and educational displays and collections.

International Women's Day - Celebrating the Lives of Local Women <> February / March

International Women's Day is celebrated worldwide on 8th March but the Nambour Museum is delighted to showcase and celebrate the lives of local women over an extended period throughout February and March. Come along and see what a difference these women made in the local community from the early days to recent times. Opening hours are 1pm to 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday. 

They didn’t make the headlines,
         Their life’s not written down,
                  Their deeds were deemed less worthy
                            Than those of men round town.  


Reflections on 2018's Special Events

The Trumpet Calls - WW1 Tribute
  - March to April 2018 <> Wednesday to Saturday 1pm to 4pm

Commemorating 100 years since her uncle and local lad Private Robert Roberts was killed in France, Daphne Heaton has produced this special display which features an amazing collection of photographs, memorabilia and history. Many local families witnessed their boys and young men responding to the call of the trumpet and requests to assist overseas. Come along and take a ride with the Roberts family all those years ago.

“The Trumpet Calls - WW1 Tribute” provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on life at home before and during the war years and to also admire the amazing endeavours within the community to support the war effort. The display provides the personal touch and complements the Museum’s extensive military collection covering all major conflicts with a focus on the involvement of local people.

Daphne Heaton holding the plaque issued to Private Roberts' family following his death in 1918.
The personalised plaque, often referred to as the "Dead Man's Penny", was issued to next-of-kin
of all service personnel who were killed as a result of the war. 

World War 1 Armistice  - Special Opening and Display - Saturday 10 November <> 10am to 3pm

Remembrance Day holds a very special place in the hearts of most Australians, particularly those whose families and friends played a role in the great wars. The year 2018 is most significant signalling 100 years since the end of World War 1.

The Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts from this era with many local people playing important roles in the overseas conflicts. This special Open Day and Display represents an excellent opportunity to reflect on this important chapter in our history. Come along and see some classic footage and images, listen to some memorable wartime songs and most of all reflect on the incredible sacrifices made during this seemingly endless period.

The Display will remain open to the public beyond the special Open Day during normal opening hours.

Reflections on 2017's Special Events

Heritage Showcase at Eumundi  - Sunday 19 March 2017 <> 10am to 3pm

View displays and talk with volunteers from over 15 local museums and heritage organisations including Nambour Museum. Free fun activities and demonstrations, entertainment, fashion parades, classic cars, guided heritage walk and much more.
Come and see us at the Eumundi School of Arts Hall, Corner of Pacey Street and Memorial Drive.

Discovery Weekend - Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May 2017 <> 9am to 3pm

Nambour is one of 12 local museums and heritage places opening its doors over this special weekend to celebrate the heritage of the Sunshine Coast. The diverse and extensive collection of exhibits at the Nambour Museum continues to amaze visitors from all over Australia and overseas. There's always something new to see as volunteers rotate displays, produce and unveil new ones. Come along and see for yourself as we celebrate the Sunshine Coast's 50th birthday with a special focus on BUSINESSES OF YESTERYEAR. We can always do with a little help and more treasured memories relating to the local area and its people. Bring your family and friends.
Click on DISCOVERY for more information.

Revisiting The Year 1967 - Saturday 29 July 2017 <> 1pm to 4pm

The Swinging Sixties were renowned for many things not the least of which was the music. But here on the beautiful North Coast two significant events started locals swinging to a different beat. In the countdown to the Sunshine Coast's special Heritage Weekend at the end of August, the Museum turns back the clock to the year in which those occasions signaled changes to our way of life - The Year 1967.

The following displays and activities will continue throughout the month of August in conjunction with Sunshine Coast Council's birthday celebrations and community participation program. Normal opening hours will apply during this period , namely Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.

Nambour Junior Esteddfod - Celebrating 50 Years

Eisteddfods provide a pathway for showcasing the talents of young people, giving them experience before an audience and building self-confidence. The Nambour Junior Eisteddfod was revived in 1967 following previous eisteddfods in the 1940s. The Music Section consisting of piano, organ and vocal was held in the Masonic Hall while School choirs performed in the old Civic Hall.

Sunshine Coast's 50th Birthday

The year 1967 also signaled the beginning of what we now refer to as the Sunshine Coast with the name change from North Coast gaining formal approval. becoming official. Following on from the fabulous and very popular Swinging Sixties event held at the Museum last year, this occasion represents another great opportunity to reflect not only on that era but also the changes which have occurred over the past fifty years to the way we live work and play. The Nambour district holds a treasured place in that story so jump on board and share your little piece of history with everyone.

Heritage Weekend - Saturday 26 August / Sunday 27 August 2017 <> 10am to 3pm

Nambour Museum joins with other local museums and heritage venues on the Sunshine Coast over this special weekend to celebrate the heritage of the Sunshine Coast. The Discovery Weekend in May proved a great success amazing all with the diverse and extensive collection of exhibits. The Museum continues to amaze visitors from all over Australia and overseas and there is always something new to see as volunteers rotate displays, create and unveil new ones. The 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast is good reason to come along and enjoy the experience in Nambour as many new facts and stories relating to the region's heritage will unfold.

Sunshine Coast - 50 Years Since Naming - Public Commemoration

2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast. This special occasion provides imaginative and engaging opportunities for residents and community groups to celebrate the people, places and events that have contributed to the Coast’s story. Sunshine Coast Council is organising a wide range of activities throughout the region. The Sunshine Coast Daily will also be producing a number of special 16 page supplements highlighting the changes which have occurred over the past 50 years. The Museum has provided input to a number of these keepsake publications and will have extensive displays and information available for all to see.

Nambour Rural School - Setting a New Benchmark 100 Years Ago

Nambour set a new benchmark in Queensland education in 1917 when an entirely new idea in school curricula culminated in the opening of the State's first Rural School.
Coming Soon >> Nambour Rural School in Review

Nambour Museum - 25 Years Since Formation

On 22 April 1992, a public meeting was held at St John's Anglican Church Hall to gauge the support for the establishment of a museum in Nambour. Twenty-seven people attended and a steering committee was formed. Monthly meetings followed culminating a lease agreement in November 1995 for a few rooms in the present building. This heralded the beginning of the Nambour Museum with an opening ceremony held on 20 April 1996.

Track Fest (Every 3 Months) - Saturday 15 September 2017 <> 5pm to 9pm

What a great way to relive the golden days of Nambour's past by taking in a visit to the local Museum on Track Fest Saturday between 1pm and 4pm. Then head straight on down to the old cane tracks in Howard Street where you can enjoy the exciting festivities associated with Track Fest from 5pm to 9pm. With markets, stalls, music and street entertainment, this is a great opportunity for the local community to unite and support concerted efforts to raise sufficient funds to Get the Tram on Track.

Families Who Settled on the Sunshine Coast - October to December 2017 <> 1pm to 4pm Wednesday to Saturday

The early settlers made a huge difference to local communities. Much has been recorded about many pioneering families associated with the town of Nambour but what about those neighbouring towns and communities which were inextricably linked to form the nucleus of what was for many decades called the North Coast.

Come along to the Museum during normal opening hours between October and December and take a close look at the very interesting displays highlighting pioneering families from Woombye, Palmwoods, Yandina, Belli Park and Kenilworth.

Reflections on 2016's Special Events

International Women's Day

This was the first occasion that the Museum had become involved in celebrating International Women's Day. This special day usually focuses on the role which women have played at a national and international level but this year the Museum focused its attention on the local community where the contribution of women has also been simply outstanding.

Check out the FLYER

Discover Nambour : Its Past and Its Present

The town of Nambour was long synonymous with the sugar industry but the times have changed. The Museum has an exciting and wide ranging collection which not only encapsulates that aspect of the town but all of the other components which collectively have led to the vibrant community which thrives today. This event was a great opportunity to relive and revive the history of the local area and its people.

Check it out -->  Discover

Hidden Treasures Exposed : Local Museums Unite

In conjunction with Sunshine Coast Council's Heritage Services, the Nambour Museum joined with other regional museums in a special opening of its doors to the wider community on this special day.  It provided guests with a chance to relive the past and reflect on the exceptional contribution of volunteers on the Coast who are dedicated to the preservation of local history and heritage. Each museum has its special treasures and the Nambour Museum prides itself on its amazing achievements over 20 short years.

History of Local Houses and Gardens

An opportunity to marvel at the old homes of Nambour and their histories. Have you ever seen an old home and wondered about its origins, the people who lived there and their contribution to the area? Nambour has a rich history dating back to the 1800s and many of the pioneering families left indelible memories. Why not help Museum volunteers by researching the history of your old home too.

The Swinging Sixties

The baby boomers made their presence felt during the 1960s and the technological revolution began in full earnest. Lifestyles changed in a big way and the music reached new heights. This special presentation provided an opportunity for people of all ages to revisit what was termed "The Swinging Sixties". As well as displays, there was fantastic music and film clips to liven up proceedings and to set the mood for a great review of that memorable era. Boy, didn't the old walls rattle and roll along while many of the oldies swung those hips in grand sixties style !!

Celebrating 100 Years of Swimming in Nambour

Most would associate swimming with the delightful beaches nearby but Nambour had a huge influence on the swimming scene. The town celebrates 100 years of involvement in this sport and recreational activity. Who would have thought that the local swimming pool was once right in the middle of Petrie Creek near the railway bridge? This special display revealed many captivating secrets and stories over the last century, some of which have prompted considerable interest and further enquiries into an exciting chapter of the town's social and sporting life. Memory banks and inquisitiveness kicked into gear with mention of Nambour's "Coal Hole".

Track Fest - Saturday 15 September 2018 : 5pm-9pm


What a great way to relive the golden days of Nambour's past by taking in a visit to the local Museum on Track Fest Saturday between 1pm and 4pm. Then head straight on down to the old cane tracks in Howard Street where you can enjoy the exciting festivities associated with Track Fest from 5pm to 9pm. With markets, stalls, music and street entertainment, this is a great opportunity for the local community to unite and support concerted efforts to raise sufficient funds to Get the Tram on Track.

This initiative is strongly supported by the local business community through Nambour Alliance and the project is expected to deliver both a unique outcome and a wonderful reminder of Nambour's sugar heritage.

Make tracks ===== to Track Fest <=====> Saturday <=> 15th September 2018 

More information about Track Fest is available by simply clicking TICKETS PLEASE.
For a sneak insight, click on TRACK FEST.

Current Projects

History of Nambour and its Families

This is an ongoing project of significant importance because of the growth and changes which are now occurring in and around Nambour. Photographs, memorabilia, souvenirs, artifacts and stories relating to Nambour and District are always desired.

Businesses in Nambour

Over the years local business people have played a significant role in the development of the town and its services. The Nambour Progress Association was instrumental in advancing the arrival of the telephone service, plans for a Shire Hall, improvements to mail deliveries and rail services and so on. This ongoing project focuses on the role and evolution of local businesses. Any information, equipment, artifacts, photographs and human interest stories will assist in the preservation of this chapter of local business for future generations.

Nambour's Ffrost Clothing Factory

A popular clothing factory known as Ffrosts was located in town during the period 1950-1970 and the Museum would like to hear from anyone with information about the company. Former employees and regular customers may be able to shed more light on the companies activities, its proprietors, products and services offered. 

Museum Maintenance Work

◊ Rolling Stock and Grounds Improvements

With the restoration of The Shay locomotive now complete, attention has moved towards the needs of other rolling stock which form part of the Museum's loco collection. Restoration and maintenance of various large and small rolling stock as well as a wide range of outdoor facilities is now required. Volunteers are being sought to assist with this important work. Great companionship is assured so come along from 1pm to 4pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays and give the boys a hand.

Monthly Meetings

The Nambour Museum holds meetings usually on the last Saturday of each month at its premises in 18 Mitchell Street, Nambour commencing at 1pm. Members and other interested persons are encouraged to attend these meetings which determine the priorities and direction of the Museum’s activities.

Future Meetings

27 October 2018
24 November 2018
26 January 2019
23 February 2019
30 March 2019
27 April 2019
25 May 2019
29 June 2019


Volunteers and Assistance

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Nambour Museum. Donating a little time and sharing personal skills is a great way to make a small contribution towards the preservation of our heritage. By popular demand, the number of days the museum is open to the public each week has increased but this has placed a huge strain on resources.

If you possess any of the following skills and experience, any assistance you can offer would be most appreciated.
Keyboard entry
Clerical duties
Research work
Building and property maintenance skills
Technical/Trade skills
Information Technology (IT) skills

Volunteering is not necessarily restricted to the normal opening hours. Some tasks lend themselves to a few hours here and there while others can be quite concentrated over a few days. Check with us to see how you can contribute to this invaluable community service.

Office Furniture

Audio visual units and other electronic devices suitable for interactive and visual displays, eg flat screen television, DVD/VCR.

Former PMG/Telecom/Telstra Employees

The extensive collection of telecommunications equipment awaits the skills of former technical staff capable of transforming telephone and telegraph items into working display units. The collection includes a comprehensive donation from the former Sunshine Coast Historical Telephone Society which comprised a small group of local Telstra staff committed to preserving local telecommunications heritage.

History of Nambour - Town, People and Business

Photographs, newspaper and magazine articles, memorabilia, artifacts and souvenirs which embrace the history of the town of Nambour (and surrounds), its residents and businesses.


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October-December 2013

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June-August 2014 

February-April 2015

January-March 2016

Latest Book Release

Locomotives of the Moreton Central Sugar Mill by Clive Plater

Price $10 plus postage where applicable

Open Day Highlights  

As part of the Museum’s objective to enhance public interest in the preservation of local heritage and for the development of the Museum facility itself, specially themed Open Days are held on a regular basis. Following are examples of these initiatives.

Moreton Mill 10th Anniversary Memories and Book Launch

This special event on Saturday 30th November marked the tenth anniversary of Nambour's Sugar Mill closure.  Following close on the heels of the grand opening of the new Coles Shopping Centre, known as Nambour Mill Village, which is situated on the site of the original Moreton Sugar Mill, the event included the launch of a new book written by Clive Plater on the history of the Moreton Central Sugar Mill locomotives.

A special invitation was extended to everyone in the community and particularly those holding an association with the local sugar industry. It was a great opportunity for former farmers and mill workers to reminisce and share their stories.

Special guest Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, Governor of Queensland launched the historical publication. Other dignatories included State and Commonwealth Members of Parliament and Council representatives.

2013 Seniors Week - Special Lamp Display

The Fabulous Fifties

A nostalgic journey back into the 1950s when life was so much different. A fabulous collection of material, clothing, music, photographs and much, much more exposed for all to see.

One of many recollections ... 
Click here to read Daphne Heaton's Story

Houses of Nambour


Old photographs and new, maps and plans together with the relative histories from original families and current owners were assembled to provide an interesting “Then and Now” snapshot of existing homes around Nambour.



Showcasing the Museum’s range of historic treasures from the past with the amazing individual and quite unique “collectibles” held by local residents. From buttons to yowies and tin toys to teapots, the collections proved the old adage that one person’s junk is another’s treasure.

Welcome Back The Shay


The historic locomotive "The Shay" was welcomed home to Nambour after a road journey from the Ipswich railway workshops. The Shay now has a new home in its own shed at the Nambour Museum, just over the fence from where it worked for many years servicing the Moreton Sugar Mill, and is a treasured addition to the locomotive collection.

The Big Pineapple


A special focus on the heritage listed Big Pineapple and the once thriving local pineapple industry coincided with the launch of Kerry Brown’s historical publication “Our Sweetest Icon – Sunshine Plantation : Big Pineapple 1971-2011”.

Centenary of the Telephone


Nambour celebrated the centenary of its own telephone in 2008 as the first telephone communication to and from the town became possible with a successful connection to the Brisbane - Gympie trunk line in 1908.

Operation Bulimba


A High School Student Essay competition set the scene for a special Remembrance Day service at the Museum which commemorated the 70th anniversary of Operation Bulimba, a Second World War offensive against enemy forces in North Africa. The campaign included several men from the local area and the school project assisted in conveying the feelings and sensitive human touch of local soldiers and their families during these extremely difficult times.

Living in the Thirties


The Great Depression of the 1930s was a particularly challenging era but many outstanding achievements and advancements occurred during this period. A special focus on life in Nambour during the thirties which encapsulated the spirit and general way of life at that time produced outstanding results. Through a special slideshow production using historical photographs, visitors can now view the town of Nambour as it was during the 1930s.

Future of Mill Site - Revealed and Now Open For Inspection

After almost 10 years of concern and speculation about the future of the adjoining Moreton Central Sugar Mill site, “it’s all been revealed” now with the official opening of the Coles Supermarket Shopping Complex known as Nambour Mill Village. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the town’s development and it heralds exciting times for the Museum too. Modified traffic flows in the area and the opening up of Bury Street will introduce increased pedestrian movements, public exposure and promotional opportunities at the rear end and side of the Museum property.

The following image provides a unique perspective of the changing times. The once dominant industries in Nambour represented by a section of the once mighty Mill chimney stack and a telephone pole adorned with insulators are dwarfed by mounds of earth as the redevelopment gathered momentum.




The Nambour Museum is indebted to its new neighbour and owner of the old mill site for their cooperation, assistance and support during the construction period. Through this spirit, preservation of valuable heritage property and features has been at the forefront of site works activity from which the local community will benefit long into the future.