Sponsorship & Funding



The Nambour Museum is responsible for the maintenance of the premises it occupies and all of the amenities both inside and outside. This is a huge challenge, given the age of the buildings and total reliance for income on public admissions, donations, raffles and successful grant applications.

Sponsorship from the business community or from private individuals eases these financial pressures. Such support better enables Museum members and volunteers to deliver the Nambour Museum to the highest ranking among regional museums and to provide the town with an attraction worthy of inclusion on any tour itinerary.

A mutually rewarding sponsorship package can be developed upon request.

Proud Museum Supporters

The Nambour Museum is indebted to the following organisation/s which have made a commitment to the preservation of our local heritage by offering sponsorship to assist with the operation and/or maintenance of the museum facilities.

Nambour RSL Club

♥ Financial assistance and support for the operation of the Museum's facilities

Sunshine Coast Council 

♥ Financial assistance targeting key operational and maintenance expenses

Funding Support Through Community Grants

The Nambour Museum gratefully acknowledges the following organisations and/or agencies which have provided vital funding to enable the Museum to improve its facilities and enhance its heritage work for the benefit of the broader community.

Sunshine Coast Council

♥ Financial support to enable Museum volunteers to progress restoration work on 'The Shay' historic locomotive

♥ Funding to cover essential maintenance and painting of the Moreton Sugar Mill Engineer's Office

Commonwealth Government

♥ Financial support for the production of the historic book "Locomotives of the Moreton Central Sugar Mill" as well as the preparation and staging of the official book launch by Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley, Governor of Queensland.