Media Stories

Old Town Clock - Back on Time
Sunshine Coast Daily - 8 February 2018

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Military Collection Donated
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 1 November 2017

Businesses of Yesteryear
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 3 May 2017

Museum Rocks With The Swinging '60s
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 7 September 2016

Frame the Past
Nambour Weekly - 27 November 2014

Blooming Great Show
Nambour Weekly - 14 August 2014

Town Marks Brave War Pilot's Heroic Last Act
Nambour Weekly - 17 July 2014

"Nambour Remembers Jim Hocking" - 70th Anniversary of Heroic Feat
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 2 July 2014

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Nambour Elders Share Stories
The Senior Newspaper - April 2014

"Locomotives of the Moreton Central Sugar Mill" - Governor Launches New Book at Museum
Nambour Weekly - 4 December 2013

The "Petrie" Returns Home to Nambour
Nambour Weekly - 3 October 2013

Nambour Chronicle Celebrates 100 Years

The town's local newspaper was founded in 1903 and operates today under the Nambour Weekly banner. However, for most of its 110 years the local paper was more affectionately known as the Nambour Chronicle. To commemorate the occasion of its 110th anniversary, a special wrap around supplement appeared with the 1st August 2013 edition of the Nambour Weekly. Following are extracts from the supplement.

Weekend Notes - Something New

The great new way of learning about the wide range of community events, exhibitions, festivals, markets, day trips etc happening all around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and elsewhere is right here at your fingertips today .... W
eekend Notes

Nambour Museum's new website has come to the attention of this exciting new communication medium with Weekend Notes providing a great feature articlefor its readers. Click Museum to read this latest review.  

Read what Weekend Notes has to say about the "Fabulous Fifties at the Nambour Museum" by clicking Fabulous 50

Helpers Honoured on Museum's 21st Birthday 
Nambour Weekly - 2 May 2013

Nambour Museum Looking Back at the 1950s 
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 24 April 2013

The History of the Nambour District 
Sunshine Coast Seniors - May 2013

The History of the Nambour District 
Sunshine Coast Seniors - April 2013

Century Old Church of England Organ 
Sunshine Valley Gazette - 13 March 2013

Painting of Nambour Museum
Hinterland Times (Sunshine Coast) - December 2012/January 2013

Mystery 1930s Wedding
The Senior - December 2012

Donation to Australian Museum
Sunshine Coast Seniors - November 2012

Bottler of a Matchcraft Exhibition
Nambour Weekly - 13 April 2011